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Timothy Miller

Tim Miller

The Car Guy Show host Timothy Miller is an award winning magazine publisher of enthusiast lifestyle publications. The national automotive luxury lifestyle publication “American Driver Magazine” was awarded one of the “Hottest Magazine Launches of 2007” by the magazine industry. “American Driver Magazine” was the national reincarnation of the successful regionally based “Texas Driver Magazine.” Read More

Show Host - Kristin Treager

Kristin Treager

Kristin Treager, is our lovely co-host of The Car Guy Show. Not only is she an accomplished media personality and attorney, Kristin is also a professional race car driver. Kristin Treager started her racing career at Junior Raceway Park in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the young age of seven. Under the direction of Alf Gebhardt, retired European BMW racer, Kristin quickly excelled and found a passion for the sport. Read More

Show Host - Luke Betchner

Luke Betchner

Luke Betchner is a country singer songwriter originally from Chandler, Arizona. Luke started performing at local venues when he was in high school and was the youngest member of a classic rock band by more than 20 years. He moved to Dallas in Spring of 2011 and has been performing throughout Arizona, Texas and Tennessee. Luke’s style reflects a combination of pop, country and classic rock. He has a witty sense of humor and his passion is contagious – don’t be shocked when you begin to sing along as he has a way of making his listeners feel like they are right on stage with him. Read More