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You grew up playing with Hot Wheels and assembling Revell model kits. You can remember your first ride in a muscle car, the smell of the gas, rubber, exhaust and even the interior of the car stuck in your brain. You remember getting your driver’s license and the first time you drove alone in your car. You washed your car, changed the oil and jumped the battery a few times. Even your first date memories are tied to your car. Now you spend time sharing car stories with others, you’re in a car club and enjoy going to car shows on the the weekends. You might even own a garage full of cars. If any part of this rings a bell, you are officially a “car guy.” And as a “car guy” you are also officially an honorary member of Car Guy Nation!

As an official MEMBER of Car Guy Nation you have the rights to FREE membership in order to watch The Car Guy Show and participate in Car Guy Nation sponsored car shows, rallies, cruises and events. You have the right to receive monthly e-newsletters covering exciting Car Guy news and events. And you have the right to purchase Car Guy Nation “swagg” including hats, shirts, jackets and more expressing your Car Guy lifestyle!

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Everyone at Car Guy Nation and at The Car Guy Show welcome you as a member of Car Guy Nation!

“It’s a Kick in the Asphalt!”

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