Car Guy Show News



The Car Guy Show is actively considering show sponsors for the upcoming 2018 season of shows. If your company is a good fit for our show and audience - please contact us ASAP! We reach a NATIONAL AUTOMOTIVE AUDIENCE for your product or service. Email...

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We are fortunate to run into automotive legends that are gracious enough to spend a few minutes of their time with us. In upcoming shows look for familiar names from the automotive world.

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Car Clubs

We feature all the area car clubs at their meetings, events and more. Meet car club members and learn more about what they do for fun with their car clubs. If you'd like to have YOUR CLUB featured in the magazine and on the TV Show call us ASAP, we want to hear from...

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Top Shop

The Car Guy Show introduces you to different automotive shops through this segment  called "Top Shop." Meet the owners, managers and techs that service, maintain, restore and rebuild your cars. Watch the latest Top Shop segment through this link:  Top Shop...

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Garage Mahal

Here Kristin Treager visits with Jack Bell at his "Garage Mahal." Watch Episode 10 to see Jack's incredible collection of Shelbys. Kristin and Tim Miller explore the many amazing garages of "Car Guys." Because of the incredible collections of cars that these garages...

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